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History of Dow Chemical Corporation

1897 May 18, 1897 Dow Chemical is incorporated.
1898 First commercial scale production of bleach. Dow in diamond created.
1900 Midland Chemical Co merges into Dow.
1904 Dow institutes Sales Department
1906 Dow produces sodium benzoate.
1908 Ag, Chemicals Division established.
1910 First sales of calcium sulfide.
1916 First market of calcium chloride, magnesium and acetyl salicylic acid.
1918 Herbert H. Dow named president.
1922 Introduces record number of new products including ethylene dibromide.
1928 Styrene and “Saran” developed.
1929 First woman researcher hired.
1930 Herbert Dow dies; Willard succeeds.
1931 Ethyl-Dow formed to extract bromine from seawater.
1935 Dow enters plastics business with Introdusction of ethyl cellulose (“Ethocel”).
1937 Stock listed on NYSE; “Styron” polystyrene resins introduced.
1940 Texas land purchased to extract bromine & magnesium from seawater.
1943 Dow and Corning Glass form Dow Corning to produce silicones.
1944 Dow employees total 12,300.
1946 Construction of polystyrene plant in Sarnia, Ontario.
1948 Plastics reach 20% of sales.
1949 Willard Dow dies; Leland Doan succeeds.
1951 Employees reach 19,500. Dow Chem. International formed.
1952 “Saran Wrap” introduced.
1958 Chemicals account for 52% of sales, and plastics at 35%.
1960 Dow introduces 29 new products. Employment 30,000; sales $1 billion.
1962 Herbert D. Doan succeeds Leland. Bioproducts Dept. integrates biological, animal, health care, pharmaceutical, and agricultural product research.
1963 1 billion pounds of plastics produced.
1965 Measles vaccine introduced.
1966 Dow adds epoxy resins.
1968 Ziploc bags test marketed.
1970 Dow introduces complete line of Automotive application products
1971 C.B. Branch elected Pres. & CEO. Sales exceed $2 billion.
1972 Dow introduces “Lorsban” insecticide.
1974 Dow has 53,500 employees. Foreign sales reach 43%.
1975 “Styrofoam” insulation supplied for the Alaska pipeline.
1976 Zoltan Merszel named Dow’s President & CEO.
1978 Succeeded by Paul F. Oreffice.
1979 Dow developed “Dowex”.
1980 Merrell Dow pharmaceutical formed. Dow sales exceed $10 billion.
1983 First compact discs marketed.
1985 “Seldane” antihistamine introduced. Dow introduces “Drytech,” super absorbant polymers.
1986 Dow ranks as the world’s largest producer of thermoplastics.
1987 Frank P. Popoff named president and CEO.
1991 Dow establishes Corporate Environmental Advisory Council.
1992 “Insite” constrained geometry catalyst technology developed.
1995 W. S. Stravopolous named President and CEO. Sales reach record $20.2 billion. Marion Merrell Dow sold to Hoechst for $5.1 billion.
1996 Dow enters the PET/PTA polypropylene business.
1997 Dow formed Dow Agrosciences.
1998 Dow exits magnesium business. Acquisitions remaining shares of Isopol in Latin America. Dow partners with Asahi Chemical to open SAL Petrochemical in China to market polystyrene.
1999 Dow and Union Carbide Corp. agree to merger transactions where Union Carbide will become a subsidiary through tax-free, stock- for-stock transaction valued at $11.6 billion creating the world’s second largest chemical company with overall sales of over $24 billion.
2000 In restructure, Michael D. Parker elected President and CEO. Cargill Dow introduces polylactide. Dow launches Dow XLA fiber. Dow wins National Award for Corporate Health and Safety.
2001 Dow introduces new line of “FILMTEC” and nanofiltration products. Dow introduces UCAR DEGree deicing fluid. Dow invents a new Light Emitting diode material.
2008 Dow announces $18.8 B acquisitions of Rhom & Haas. Kuwait Joint Venture cancelled.
2009 Sales hit $44.8 billion. R & H acquisition completed.
2010 Acrylics Torrance plant closure.
2011 Rolex Replica