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In recognition of our aging constituency, The CRC Board of Directors in October 2011 reviewed and revised it’s Mission Statement (below) and continues with “futuring” effort discussions to remain relevant. Statistically, of the current 42,446 entries in our database, probably 35% are deceased or without contactable information, partly as a result of loss of records access from 2001 thru 2008. Further, many Carbide retirees from business and Division spinoffs are also missing from the database.

Carbide Retiree Corps, Inc. Mission Statement

CRC is the common bond that holds together the Union Carbide retiree family. It is an organization to address the needs and wishes of retirees and the needs of the Dow Chemical company.

 CRC welcomes all retired and former employees of UCC, divested UCC components and Dow, and their spouses or surviving spouses.

The CRC Board will:

  1. Provide and/or support vehicles for camaraderie and connection.

  2. Encourage communication with retirees in all areas of interest or concern, using a variety of media.

  3. Encourage participation with local and regional chapter structure, and periodic reunions.

  4. Promote “Friends In Need” activities.

  5. Encourage/manage financial support.

  6. Promote other means of participation for those in remote areas or with diminished mobility.